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Creating organisation charts for your intranet

Its an almost universal requirement for corporate intranets to post organisational charts, but it can be pretty time consuming to maintain, especially if there are regular staff changes.

A common approach is to create the chart in PowerPoint and upload it as a downloadable document. Of course, this means that you have to spend a fair amount of time drawing the charts initially and then more when you need to download the file and make changes (especially if you need to add another level to the hierarchy). As a result, the charts often become outdated and unreliable.It’s also not the best solution for the site users, who have to download a file in order to view the org chart, as opposed to being able to just view it on the page.

Luckily, there are a few solutions available that can streamline this process:

Smart Draw

Smart Draw features a purpose built tool for creating org charts, which is much quicker than doing the same in Powerpoint. You can then export the chart as an image, pdf, or handily to HTML format. Smart Draw also has tools for creating flow diagrams, timelines, project charts, and mind maps. A free trial is available for download at


OrgPlus is a professional and well polished set of tools for creating large amounts of org charts across an organisation. Creating the charts is extremely quick and simple. Exporting to HTML, image, or pdf is also possible. A free trial is available for download from


Creately has a set of tools that allow you to create org charts, flow charts, network diagrams, and even website mock-ups. Creately puts more emphasis on making your charts visually appealing, placing a wealth of design options at your fingertips. Unfortunately, there is no HTML export option, with only jpg, pdf, and xml supported.

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