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Introducing our 7-point digital engagement framework

Engagement framework coverWhats your organisations best asset and your number one untapped resource?

Its not just your people, its their participation in your organisations success.

Have your engagement figures plateaued in the last couple of years? Is your employee survey providing fewer insights, and becoming an albatross around your neck?

You know more than anyone that surveys and soulless communications wont improve morale or drive your organisation forward, not when there are so many changes happening around each and every employee. If you know the right people are not engaged, then its time to go beyond the comms plan, and consider a joined-up engagement campaign.

Your comms and engagement plan will need to address the end goal, the various audiences, and the channels available, but more than this, you will want to capture peoples hearts and minds so they commit to new actions.

Well-laid communications plans often touch on engagement principles to involve people in tactical changes, but when a strategic shift is needed, its important that people are aligned with the changes or new direction.

Engagement activities vary depending on the capabilities and culture of an organisation but mobile devices, intranets, and ESNs mean that you can deliver powerful engagement campaigns broadly, and with quick results.

Our framework

In this white paper we first explore what we mean by employee engagement and then put forward a 7-point framework for an effective employee engagement campaign delivered using digital tools such as your intranet, Enterprise Social Network (ESN), your digital workplace tools (e.g. Office 365) and of course, email.

Engagement framework

We use the word campaign or programme to signify that activities are designed to support a specific goal within a time bound period. We know employee engagement to be an integral part of an organisations culture, and so we approach engagement campaigns with full awareness of the wider environment.

Download your 7-point engagement framework

A 7-point framework for employee engagement in the digital workplace

Modern organisations are using a number of clever techniques to accelerate internal change and make it stick. This free e-book puts forward a simple and effective 7-point framework to use to deliver change campaigns and programmes.

If you like what you read, then do please get in touch with us we can help your both with strategy, creative, and the technical, especially with SharePoint and Office 365.

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