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Were platinum sponsor of the Intranet Now conference

When Wedge, our blog manager and intranet content strategist, came to me in 2014 and said he was launching a new and independent intranet conference, I knew I could help. But I couldnt have foreseen the momentum he built. From a few tweets, he found sponsors, speakers, and an audience in just weeks.

Intranet NowIt turned out that the UK was ready for a brand new conference. Intranet Now was born.

Nobody really knew what to expect back then, but the day went swimmingly, and everyone got a lot out of it.

Last years event had more time, energy, and money invested into it, and was a very swish affair.

Now, for the third event, Wedge and Brian (business partners) mean to switch things up even more, with over 20 lightning talks and a new format for the afternoon activities. I cant wait to see how it goes, and Im looking forward to the table discussions and workshops in the afternoon.

Supporting Wedge this year was an easy decision the Intranet Now conference is a proven event, that attracts comms and intranet people from across the country. With Content Formula as platinum sponsor, we hope to share a little of what weve learnt about intranets, SharePoint and Office 365. But beyond the technology, its the user research and the way we tackle collaboration problems that were known for, and so I hope the whole audience will enjoy our presentation and get something useful out of it.

Intranet Now is an independent conference, run by Wedge and Brian. Theyre keen to create a dynamic day of learning and conversation, and mean to exclude nobody the ticket prices are very low, and the early-bird tickets (which end this month) are virtually a gift. I suppose weve helped keep those prices so low!

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