Wizdom intranet in-a-box independently assessed

ClearBox Consulting, run by Sam Marshall, has included our Wizdom SharePoint intranet in their independent review of 26 products.

Webtops Wizdom product greatly extends the functionality of SharePoint as a publishing and collaboration tool. It is a relatively mature product with a good track record of medium and large-scale implementations”

There is an extensive library of pre-existing apps, page designs, web parts and features which allow clients to effectively build their bespoke SharePoint intranet. Web tops description of ‘intranet lego’ is apt.”

The design options available are extensive, based on a wide-range of templates ClearBox Consulting



This is the largest and most comprehensive review of the ready-to-go intranet market, and will help buyers understand the many ways SharePoint can be improved to provide a better intranet experience.

We know, from our years of developing custom SharePoint solutions and intranet designs, that SharePoint is powerful and massively configurable a fantastic platform for your digital workplace. But we also know that people can find SharePoint clunky to use. User research shows us time and time again that vanilla SharePoint does not deliver a modern intranet that meets peoples expectations expectations shaped by consumer-focused apps and the social web.

Wizdom fixes many of SharePoints UX problems. It quickly transforms SharePoint, giving people a pleasing look and feel and bringing a large set of communication and collaboration tools to them.

Wizdom is a Danish product and Webtop, its makers, are keen to point out that its clean, no-nonsense interface echoes the design style that Denmark is famous for.

Content Formula is the sole and exclusive reseller of Wizdom in the UK and have a close partnership with Weptop. While its a global market, we think digital teams in the UK will consider location a key criterion when thinking about culture, cost, and on-going support for their intranet. They will be pleased to see that Wizdom has a solid partner in the UK with a long-standing intranet heritage and SharePoint expertise.

Purchase the latest 2016 report from ClearBox Consulting or get version 1 of the report from 2015 which is still free, but bear in mind that Wizdom has been updated loads since then!

You can also contact us directly to arrange a demo of Wizdom.

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