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Social intranet on SharePoint 2013 for Office 365

Social intranet on SharePoint Online for Office 365

Using social techniques and Office 365 to help drive a massive culture change

The brief

Nuffield Health wanted our help to launch a truly social and open intranet on Office 365 that would help drive a massive culture change in the organisation:

  • The sponsor and other board members were clear what their objectives were but needed them to be translated and articulated into an intranet vision and strategy.
  • They were also clear that they wanted a social intranet: they wanted to promote trust, respect for expertise, openness and passion for healthcare.
  • Following our recommendation, the client wanted to involve stakeholders and users in the envisioning and design process: first they wanted an engaging vision document followed up with detailed requirements, wireframes and designs to socialise with the company.

Our approach

Our SharePoint consultancy took a top down and bottom up approach to the project, listening carefully to what senior managers were looking for but also reaching out to employees across the many gyms and hospitals in the UK:

  • To set the vision we interviewed each member of the management board and tested some of their ideas with staff across the business.
  • Our SharePoint consultants developed polished concept designs to illustrate the vision and in particular show how staff contributions and networking were a key feature of the intranet.
  • Once signed-off the vision was communicated broadly across Nuffield Health to help drive enthusiasm for the project

The result

Our SharePoint consultancy delivered comprehensive, detailed wireframes and written requirements and a modern vibrant design template to apply onto SharePoint Online:

  • We came up with some innovative features including a co-creation tool, a fun recognition tool and an algorithm to encourage contributions through social reputation..
  • Because we had to target social tools to a broad audience with varying levels of PC literacy and limited PC access time it was important for us to keep ease-of-use top of mind. We stripped back SharePoint functionality to provide elegant and simple interfaces that even our grandmothers could use..
  • We really stretched SharePoint - building in lots of easy-to-use functionality that could be developed natively and without complex code.

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