Webinar: What does learning look like in the modern workplace?

Webinar details

Date:  4th March 2020
Time:  2:00pm to 3:00pm UK time
Presented by:  Dan Hawtrey, John Scott and Joe Perry

  • What does learning look like in the modern workplace?
  • How can the L&D function deliver techniques such as nudge learning and blended learning?
  • How can you inject collaboration into the learning mix?
  • How can you deliver learning in the natural flow of work?

These are all key questions on the lips of L&D managers and we’re going to try to answer them for you.

Content Formula, a leading London consultancy in the digital workplace, is excited to announce a new partnership with LMS365 – an up-and-coming and important disrupter in the Learning Management System space. Join us to see some of our ideas and some of the tools and techniques that leading innovators in the learning space are using in the modern workplace.

In this webinar we’ll cover:

  • Modern learning techniques
  • Challenges faced when employing such techniques
  • How learning can be made seamless and delivered within the flow of work
  • Some of the features and functionalities that a modern LMS should offer

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