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Wizdom Intelligent Intranet by LiveTiles leads the way in the Clearbox Sharepoint Intranet 2020 report

When it comes to authoritative reviews for intranets one name that stands out is the annual ClearBox report. The 2020 edition is hot off the press and we are pleased to announce that the Wizdom Intelligent Intranet by LiveTiles has emerged as the market leader, scoring consistently well across all assessment criteria.

We are the highest ranked overall from the 50+ options included in the report and performed especially well in features such as employee directories and out-of-the-box apps to support critical services including HR onboarding and policy management.

The importance of accurate and current employee profile data

Our AI-powered employee profile manager, complete with Modern SharePoint enabled user profile, directory and organization chart web parts were highly praised. These come standard and take the pain out of employee data management by automating the collection and ensuring the accuracy and currency of data in core systems of record including Active Directories and Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS). With current and accurate data in place, organizations can unlock enormous value as it relates to an intranet, including:

  • Accurate and complete people and skills directories, allowing people to easily find the right person for the right job
  • Targeting role-based content at employees based on properties of their profile, cutting out the noise and promoting adoption through the enhanced experience of the intranet being relevant to me.
  • Automated organization chart maintenance, negating the need for time-consuming manual maintenance.
  • Effective business process automation (BPA) dependant on accurate definitions of data including department and manager.

Intranet must-haves: 5 essential features where LiveTiles scored highly

  1. News and internal communications publishing: ClearBox particularly liked how closely the custom Wizdom features work alongside the native SharePoint ones.
  2. User experience: Power Panel, a feature that unifies content and functionality from disparate applications into the intranet, was cited by ClearBox is a good example of how we improve UX.
  3. Collaboration, knowledge management and social: According to ClearBox our People Finder solution is well-rounded and focuses on doing one job well: finding people.
  4. Digital workplace integration: In our quest to completely unify the digital workplace it was great to see how ClearBox praised our ability to render both forms and alerts from other systems as certainly valuable.
  5. Employee services: ClearBox is a big fan of our learning and training app which allows management and filtering of online courses and resources.

Other LiveTiles features that got the ClearBox Big Love:

  • Power Panel and its ability to inject content and functionality from disparate applications into the intranet experience, from sources inside Office 365 or external line-of-business systems like HRIS, CRM and ITSM (IT Service Management).
  • Extending Microsoft Teams with provisioning and governance capabilities and allowing intranet content to be published in Teams, empowering communicators to reach people where they are working.
  • Sophisticated content targeting and amazing UX for news publishing.
  • Automated employee directories regarded as a must-have feature and commended for its excellent UI (user interface).
  • Governance features including the ability to generate GDPR-compliant reports.
  • Page Designer allows the Modern SharePoint UI to be easily customized to deliver the type of consumer-grade UX that is critical to high adoption and ROI.

We are extremely proud of our best-in-class ranking in this years ClearBox SharePoint Intranets in-a-box report. But still, we are so much more than an in-the-box solutions. Our intelligent intranet platform is also about solving information and application overload and delivering intranet solutions to companies of all sizes, including many key customers with more 100000 users. We are extremely focused on the critical requirement for better intranet governance, especially across Microsoft Teams. Additionally, we are passionate about supporting manual and front-line workers and creating a truly unified digital workplace. This is underscored by our recent acquisition of CYCL (another high performer in the ClearBox report) which further enables LiveTiles to service organizations with large deskless workforces. CYCLs low-touch mobile pocket-intranet, Condense, is purpose-built to serve the information needs of first-line employees.

To learn more about our world-class intelligent intranet solutions and how it can improve your organization, please visit our Wizdom by LiveTiles intranet page.



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