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Launching a global LiveTiles intranet to deliver a strong digital employee experience

Legal & General

Launching a global LiveTiles intranet to deliver a strong digital employee experience

Legal & General is a multinational financial services company offering insurance, asset management and other services. With a strong heritage and brand, the company has a complex structure and a diverse workforce.

Employees: 9,000
Sector: Financial services
Location: UK / global

The challenge

With the enhanced opportunities to communicate and collaborate through the roll-out of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, the old Legal & General intranet felt increasingly out of step with the new digital workplace. It’s outdated and inconsistent interfaces were sometimes confusing, and content was not always up to date.

Employees wanted a single place to go to be able to access the wider digital workplace, not only the new 365 tools but also non-Microsoft systems like SuccessFactors.

When Content Formula carried out user research to help support Legal & General’s digital workplace journey, one of the recommendations was to launch a new intranet. Content Formula was re-engaged to support the implementation of a new LiveTiles (formerly known as Wizdom) intranet.

Content Formula worked in partnership with an engaged project team, helping with various aspects of the implementation, including working with other third parties in the design phase, advising on technical aspects, training site owners, running a stakeholders workshop and even offering content and editorial support.

Our approach

The Hub provides everything you might expect from a modern intranet, but has also created the front door to a unified digital employee experience; the new intranet is the focal point for communication, collaboration, policy and process, enterprise social capabilities and learning.

A rich seam of essential information supports daily operations and communications, with up to date sections about every division and location across Legal and General.

Users can also search through the “How Do I” library, a popular LiveTiles intranet feature that details key processes and tasks; Content Formula also carried out some light customisation at the customer’s request to make How Do I content even more findable.

A highly intuitive information architecture and cutting-edge search also allows employees to find what they need quickly and efficiently, including access to a central catalogue of apps in use right across the business.

Content Formula also carried out some specific enhancement requests, adding some specific workflow to let Legal & General’s HR function know about changes to part of an employee’s profile, and delivering some tweaks to the interface for the A to Z listing web part.

The result

The Hub launched in early 2020 and the digital workplace team are already very happy with the results. The new intranet has been well received by employees with highly positive feedback received.

Individual site owners are empowered to manage their own content, underpinned by the strong governance built into the LiveTiles platform. User adoption levels are strong with How Do I’s, policies and individual workplaces already proving particularly useful.

At last employees can also access the new intranet on mobile devices, leveraging Legal & General’s forward-thinking BYOD polices. The Hub also providing a single-entry point into the wider digital workplace, for example through an innovative dashboard accessible via the Power Panel, a toolbar that follows employees through the intranet.

The intranet has already proved its value, providing a vital communication channel along with Microsoft Teams to support employees working remotely through the current COVID-19 crisis.

The digital workplace team are excited about the future, and already working on improvements, for example moving to an enhanced homepage design and implementing LiveTiles for Teams so that the Hub can be accessed by one click from each Microsoft Teams space.

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