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Get a free employee app to help with comms during the Covid crisis


Many countries are in some form of lock down and social distancing to contain the coronavirus and slow down its spread. Organisations that can have introduced work-from-home at large scale to keep their operations going. Some are finding communications with their employees a challenge because they do not have a reliable channel or because some employees do not have a company email or intranet account. If you are in this situation, we can help you with the LiveTiles mobile employee app.

Employee app for remote workers Employee communication app for mobile

Get the LiveTiles app free for your company

What does our offer include?

Thanks to LiveTiles, we can offer you free use of their mobile employee app (a.k.a pocket intranet), including free same-day setup and guidance to get you up and running as well as chat support 24/7.

Where and for how long can I use the platform?

Until 1 July 2020, a fully functional extended trial version of the LiveTiles employee app is offered to all organisations in the United States, Europe and Australia for a duration of 6 months free of charge (starting at the day of activation). This offer might be extended to other geographic areas upon request or as the situation requires and within the limits of available resources.

Get the LiveTiles app free for your company

What does the LiveTiles app do?

The LiveTiles app is our cloud service helping employees to stay connected and informed by enabling organizations to reach and align all staff via a mobile app (on all iOS and Android devices) or a browser, communicate important updates, send out alerts, gather feedback, find and stay in touch with colleagues and share work instructions, knowledge and information. The LiveTiles app does not require any base technology to be in place and works well with both Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Google, or even without any such platform.

Why use the LiveTiles employee app and not Email or WhatsApp?

Problem The LiveTiles Solution
Not all employees have a corporate email account The LiveTiles employee app does not require corporate user accounts but accepts any email account (incl. Gmail, Outlook, others).
WhatsApp does not provide good user and group management features
Maintaining mailing lists or WhatsApp groups is cumbersome and error-prone.
The LiveTiles employee app provides powerful user and group management and comes with integrated Azure AD and an Azure AD B2C user directory.
Neither email nor WhatsApp are suited to distribute information in structured way (e.g. policies, work instructions, emergency plans that always need to be up to date and found and accessed quickly over a longer time) The LiveTiles employee app supports various content types such as structured pages, documents, news, alerts, social posts and events and allows to push update notifications to users if required.
Content in mailboxes and WhatsApp groups is often lost in information overload or spam The LiveTiles employee app is a dedicated mobile communication channel in a separate app controlled by the organisation

What’s in it for us?

We hope that you’ll like the app so much that you’ll continue using it long after the Covid-19 crisis is over and will therefore pay an annual subscription. As the UK partners of LiveTiles we earn a commission on any subscription fees.

Get the LiveTiles app free for your company

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