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How LiveTiless AI-driven Office 365 profile solution adds value to your intranet

The LiveTiles acquisition of Wizdom extended the range of digital workplace applications available for Wizdom customers. One of the most exciting of these is an AI-driven tool (formerly known as Hyperfish) that encourages users to populate Active Directory (AD) and employee profile data. This is also available for separate purchase so all intranet managers can benefit. Having complete and accurate employee profile data is a must have for a great digital workplace but has traditionally been a challenge, and this solution is designed to help.

In a nutshell the product works by searching through your AD data, identifying the gaps and then messaging each individual employee with what they need to do to complete it. It effectively crowdsources your AD data through a chatbot, an easy interface nd a little gentle gamification with percentage bars showing levels of completion. Meanwhile administrators have control over what information is needed, can set approvals and can report in detail on progress.  These nudges can prove highly effective with some clients reporting up to a 300% improvement in terms of profile completion within days of implementation.

If youre an intranet manager any tool that improves Office 365 profile completion can really improve your intranet in several different ways, some of which are explored below.

1. It powers your employee directory and people search

One main reason employee come to intranets is to access employee directory information and search for people. Connecting with colleagues, finding contact information and collaboration is at the heart of the many organisational process so you really want the intranet to deliver a great employee directory and strong findability around people.

However, unfortunately most employee directories come riddled with gaps in some cases the directory is complete broken!  There tends to be more gaps in the data where you are relying on employees to supply the information; this can include staff photos, some contact details, skills information and more. System-generated information from your HR system that is replicated in AD tends to be more complete.

By using AI to crowdsource this data you can effectively power an essential intranet staple and deliver a superior directory and people search that will be heavily used by employees.  In turn other benefits such as stronger collaboration, greater efficiency and better intranet adoption should flow.


2. It provides essential information for better content targeting

Modern intranets have strong personalisation and content targeting features to ensure that content is relevant for every single individual employee. This is particularly true of larger or complex organisations with multiple locations and divisions, or a diverse set of roles. The powerful content targeting features of Wizdom is one of the products real strengths.

For successful targeting and personalisation you are reliant on complete and accurate people data that can then be stored in Active Directory. The better your information, the better you can carry out content targeting and the better the experience for your users.  By filling in the gaps and correcting mistakes, the LiveTiles profile completion tool helps you to get the data to be able to take full advantage of personalisation capabilities within your intranet product, delivering the right content to the right groups.

3. It helps your users navigate the organisation

One of the nice things about the solution is all profiles can be viewed as a navigable organisation chart. An org chart is always a popular intranet feature that helps employees not only find the right person to connect to but also understand complex organisational structures.

The org chart can also be limited to one function or division which can then be embedded on a page. For example, you could have an org chart of your IT function on your IT intranet landing page. Wizdom customers can also make the org chart available through the Wizdom Power Panel, cementing it as a useful tool right across your digital workplace.


4. It saves your intranet teams time

If youve ever had to run a campaign to encourage your users to complete their employee profiles, youll know that it can be a time-consuming (and sometimes painful) effort. Even if a campaign is relatively successful, youll then need to spend time to make sure profiles stay up to date. The Hyperfish tool saves your intranet team significant time by taking most of this effort away, and getting better results in the process.

Most of this is because of the automation and AI I in the background the tool just gets on with it. However there is also robust and granular reporting so if you need to target any communications or interventions because one team or function arent completing their profiles, or nobody is adding skills information, you can focus efforts on contacting the right people or asking for the right information.

5. It increases data quality and supports governance

AD and employee directory information must be of good quality – having inaccurate and inconsistent data is usually worse than having no data. This means trying to establish some rules and governance around the data that is added. A similar approach is true of intranets as a whole; good intranets need robust governance to ensure they remain focused and deliver value.

One of the great things about the approach in the LiveTiles solution is it can help to drive accuracy as well as maintain governance. For example, it leverages Microsoft Vision Services to ensure that only real, single photos of people are uploaded rather than a cartoon or someones cat! You can also set formatting rules and approval workflow for specific information to help to drive accuracy. For example, you many want to have consistency in telephone number formatting if youre asking people to update their mobile phone number, or if you need a manager to verify skills within a profile.


6. It drives trust and adoption

Successful intranets thrive on good adoption and trust in the content. A fully populated and accurate employee directory can play a significant role in this. Firstly, accurate people data builds trust. If you see your own data as inaccurate it can colour your view of all the content in the intranet.

Secondly trust builds adoption and confidence. People realise that the information is reliable and are more likely to visit. Using AI and adding data can also be that first step for an individual to contribute to the intranet. Once a user finds its easy to submit information, they usually feel more confident and ideally more interactions with content such as comments and likes, as well as contributions in groups. will follow.

Want to know more?

LiveTiles Office 365 profile completion tool has enormous potential for your profiles and your intranet!  If youd like more information or want to arrange a demo then please dont hesitate to get in touch.

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