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Introducing Wizdom Interactive Canvas: Your digital workplace dashboard

It’s with great excitement that we today can announce the arrival of Wizdom Interactive Canvas!

Creating a view of applications beautifully displayed in tiles, the Interactive Canvas allows intranet admins to set up a personalized dashboard of content, links, and applications that provides each employee the tools or content he or she needs to get work done, straight away.

Delivering the complete overview

The tiles can behave like links, display an image, render HTML, show rich text, or open a pop-up window or web application. This opens up for endless opportunities to include content and functions in the view. And make Wizdom Interactive Canvas the ONE place employees go to to get the complete overview of all work-related information and tasks.

As an intranet admin, you configure a selection of tiles. Each tile can be set up with its own background color, icon, image, and audience targeting.

From this selection, editors can select which tiles to include in an overview on a particular web page.

In this way, you can use the tiles to deliver users a dashboard with the complete overview of tools and information, or you can use the tiles to create an overview of content and links within a specific area as e.g. a selection of handbooks.

Right there when you need it

Including the Interactive Canvas in Wizdom Power Panel, you can make the dashboard globally available to users who can access their personal overview from everywhere at the digital workplace.

Wizdom Interactive Canvas is introduced for both SharePoint’s classic and modern experiences.


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