Video – How to customise MS Teams to your ways of working

We ran a free webinar on October 10th 2018 on how to customise MS teams to your ways of working.

Lots of people know that Teams has taken the digital workplace by storm thanks to its easy-to-use collaboration features. But something people are less aware of is its powerful integration capabilities.

Forward-thinking companies who adopted MS Teams early are now making use of these capabilities and customising it to suit their processes and ways of working. We’ve been helping them do this and now have some useful learnings to share with you.

In this webinar we:

– Show you examples of real-life Teams customisations and integrations that go way beyond what’s available in the tabs.
– Discuss some of the technologies that enable customisation and explain the art of the possible.
– Answer your questions about how Teams can be extended and customised
– Discussing Microsoft’s future plans for Teams.

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