Inspiration for your intranet: great examples of interactive infographics

Beyond reading stuff, the web is about doing stuff, and people have similar expectations for your intranet. Even if youre not dealing with big data, youll have figures and facts to communicate, and interactive infographics can help you tell the story and express the meaning behind the numbers.

Text will always be crucial to your intranet, but here are six different approaches to communicating through figures, movement, colour and glyphs.


james-anderson's-websiteJames Andersons cricket stats

Sporting stats are available to everyone, yet its how they are presented that tells the story. James Andersons website opens with an interactive summary of his cricketing achievements; scroll down and hover your mouse cursor over elements of interest. Graphical in presentation, this is actually built with HTML, CSS, and javascript. Works well on desktop and tablet.


car-sharing infographicFuture of car sharing

A sideways scrolling through time and countries, talking about the rise and usefulness of car-sharing. Works well on tablet and desktop.


inception infographicInception Explained

Scroll down through the dream levels and see which character said and did what. Colours, movement, and text retell the Inception story, rather than stats and numbers. For desktop, not tablet.


eurozone-debt infographicEurozone debt who owes what to whom

Click on the countrys name or colour to see how much they owe, and to which other countries. This is a simple interactive graphic with a fact-panel to the right, courtesy of the BBC, based on readily available financial data. Works well on desktop and tablet.


cnn infographicInfographical navigation

CNN presented key facts during the 2010 elections as stat bubbles to guide readers to relevant content. Its not clear that you have to click to bring up a little menu. You have to touch twice on a tablet.


washington infographicSix traditional infographics about the American political parties

Six categories to choose from; lots to read and digest. Each infographic could really stand alone. Works well on desktop and tablet (being six images), but to repeat, lots to read and digest.




A key usability issue on many of these sites is indicating what is clickable or more rightly what you should hover your mouse-cursor over.

While infogaphics and high-impact visuals continue to be popular and useful online, maybe more could be done internally to present narratives, stats, and facts in a visual and interactive manner.

Considering the effort involved, it may be wise to get design assistance from outside your team, and this seems worthwhile when you think about all the noise your internal communications compete with on your intranet. Catching peoples attention is the first hurdle communicating clearly is the second.

When you need to engage people in what might be considered dry topics, like a strategic shift or mandatory training material, plain text will not inspire people to get involved. Rich media is common online and the impact of doing something visually striking, and useful, within your intranet could priceless.

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How Microsoft is integrating Yammer into SharePoint 2013

===update 27th May 2016===

With the demise of Yammer Conversations what looked like quite a cool initiative to bring Yammer comments into Office Docs and vice versa you might be forgiven for thinking that there’s not been much progress in integrating Yammer into the wider Office 365 suite.

I just returned from a Future of SharePoint session held at Microsoft’s London office for SharePoint consultancies. The talk was hosted by Jeff Teper, VP of SharePoint and One Drive. He’s the man with the vision when it comes to SharePoint. In the last month we’ve seen some really quite exciting announcements about SharePoint – it seems Microsoft is starting to really invest in this tool. However, what was surprising about this talk is that there was zero mention of Yammer.  I went and spoke to the host at the end and asked him what are the plans for integrating SharePoint with Yammer.

First, I was assured by the SharePoint team that Microsoft is not going to kill Yammer and that they are actively investing in it. Before any serious out-of-the-box Yammer integration can go ahead the team are rebuilding the back end of the application. This is so that it can be hosted in Microsoft’s various Office 365 data centres around the world. Once this is done they are going to look at hooking the two tools together. For example, we can expect to see a ‘share on Yammer’ button next to files in SharePoint and OneDrive. In the meantime, we are going to have to continue working with custom integrations and the Yammer app all mentioned in our original post from August 2014 below.

Dan Hawtrey


Microsoft is working tirelessly to integrate Yammer with SharePoint 2013. We take a look at the features you can expect very soon that will make your intranet more social.

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