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Intranet examples

Intranet examples

A well-designed intranet can play a crucial role within an organisation. It can be a centralised hub for all the inner workings, information and operations of a business, it can provide a starting point for finding information, and it can even drive employee communication, collaboration, productivity and engagement.

Get inspired and discover best practice advice and tips for your employee intranet with our selection of intranet example blog articles below. Plus, if you would like to speak to one of our intranet expert about your organisations intranet, feel free to contact us.


8 great examples of intranet homepage design

Intranet homepages are important. To achieve a truly successful intranet that keeps users on the site and engaged, in addition to serving information in an intuitive and user-centric way, both design and user experience (UX) elements must come together seamlessly.

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