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8 great examples of intranet homepage design

Intranet homepages are important. To achieve a truly successful intranet that keeps users on the site and engaged, in addition to serving information in an intuitive and user-centric way, both design and user experience (UX) elements must come together seamlessly.

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How to use the SharePoint Lookbook

The SharePoint LookBook is a publicly available site provided by Microsoft, that contains design ideas and templates that can help you start to build your own SharePoint site. In this article we explore what the SharePoint Lookbook is, why it is useful, the kind of templates it contains, and what to consider when using it.

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Intranet homepage design

Seven must have SharePoint web parts

In this post we look at seven must-have web parts or features that appear on multiple homepages. To help illustrate these, we’ve included a screenshot (with dummy content) of a global intranet based on SharePoint Online

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