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SharePoint intranet.

SharePoint is a web-based software platform that can be used for collaboration, content management and document management. It is highly flexible and scalable, which makes it a popular option for delivering high impact intranets. A SharePoint intranet can incorporate a wide range of features that can enable seamless collaboration and unity across an organisation and provides key capabilities such as: content referencing, document sharing, collaboration, knowledge management, forms & workflow, employee engagement, search and more.

Learn more about SharePoint intranets, including best practice tips and advice for planning and building a successful SharePoint intranet in our blog articles below. Plus, if you would like to speak to one of our intranet expert about your organisations intranet, feel free to contact us.


Ten reasons why a SharePoint intranet is your best option

There are a number of options when choosing an intranet platform. We think these options will begin to reduce as SharePoint is clearly emerging as the no-brainer choice, especially if you are using Office 365. Find out why a SharePoint intranet deserves the top position in your intranet shortlist.

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Who are the main competitors to Unily?

If you are looking for a Sharepoint based intranet in a box product it is important to research your options; products have their different strengths and you need to find the right fit for your needs and budget.

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