Livetiles & Office 365 intranet for a global aviation company

Gama Aviation

A LiveTiles intranet as a central hub for global communication and collaboration

Supporting complex global operations

Gama Aviation provides global business aviation services and support to individuals, corporations and government agencies. Sectors covered include private jets and air ambulances.

As a company that provides complex global operations and highly technical services across multiple locations it is critical that Gama's two thousand employees can collaborate and communicate in real time. They must also be able to find an array of operational and highly technical information and documentation, quickly and easily.

But until recently, Gama Aviation did not even have an intranet, relying on a highly inefficient mixture of emails, file shares and even paper records.

A new central hub based on LiveTiles and Office 365

Gama Aviation engaged Content Formula to build a new global digital communication and collaboration hub for the company's operations. The company wanted one central place which was easy to use and would help staff coordinate activities and get things done.

Working closely with Gama's IT function, Content Formula helped implement a LiveTiles-based (formerly known as Wizdom) intranet combined with Office 365 tools.

To gain a thorough understanding of Gama's diverse workforce, we carried out numerous interviews, learning about business-critical processes, different ways of working and pain points.

Helping employees find the documents they need

Users told us that finding specific documents was very important to them. To improve findability, we sought to add appropriate metadata to each document, but in ways which wouldn't burden already time-pressured employees.

Through an automation process, critical metadata including location and department is now added to each document based on the person submitting the file. This has allowed for consistent tagging without any effort and means employees can find documents using relevant search refiners.

Important "official" documents are also included in a personalised central policy, procedures and forms library, where employees know they are accessing the very latest version of a document.

Helping employees get things done

To ensure the intranet helps employees get things done, but is also relevant across Gama's diverse workforce, a task-based navigation is also contextual to the user, so tasks listed are targeted to meet the needs of different groups.

To encourage collaboration and to streamline teamwork, templates for different workspaces have been designed. Now when an employee requests a workspace, whether it is for a project, to aid team communication or even to support social groups, the right kind of workspace is automatically created.

The intranet also helps support smooth communications, through news and events. An embedded Twitter feed as well as the latest updates from Yammer keep employees informed about what is going on both inside and outside the company.

Towards a true digital workplace

A systems and tools area of the intranet means the intranet acts as a front door to the wider digital workplace. We also helped Gama Aviation create a traffic light system on the homepage to alert users of issues and outages across its key systems, including those relating to aircraft maintenance.

Helping reduce complexity

The new intranet is already proving an unqualified success. Communication is smoother, employees are collaborating across teams and projects, and documents can be found more easily. The intranet is helping reduce complexity and ensuring Gama Aviation delivers the very best service to its customers.

Case study – Integrating MS Teams and SharePoint to automate business processes

Video case study: Xcapital

Automating a process to track acquisitions using Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online

Managing an opportunity pipeline of target acquisitions in Office 365

Xcapital is a UK-based private equity house, providing specialist funding options for ambitious businesses.

With a strong entrepreneurial background, the Manchester-based company needs to constantly identify target acquisitions and perform thorough research before investing.

When considering which companies to invest in, staff must follow a strict due diligence and assessment process that ensures crystal clear decision-making, minimises risk and meets regulatory requirements.

However, the process for carrying out these critical steps was highly inefficient. Staff were primarily using email and the file network resulting in wasted time, incomplete steps and higher risks. It was also difficult to track the progress of each target and get an overview of the entire opportunity pipeline.

Video case study

Delivering automation for a critical process

Xcapital asked Content Formula to create a digital workplace application that could automate the process, ensure staff follow correct procedures and deliver powerful reporting capabilities.

We carried out a discovery period with interviews and workshops to fully understand how employees work and the detail around each stage of the process. Working in close partnership with Xcapital, we defined requirements and started to build a solution.

Leveraging the power of Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online

We used the power of Office 365 with Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online to build a new solution to automate the eight steps of the process.

A custom SharePoint Online page displays key data about each target acquisition, including the stage at which the opportunity is at. Seamlessly integrated with the company’s Wizdom-based intranet, users feel they are accessing one system. Employees can see details of those opportunities they are entitled to see.

Workflow using Microsoft Teams ensures the accurate completion of each step

Critical documents are stored within Microsoft Teams. When an opportunity is created, the workflow automatically provisions a Microsoft Teams space with a channel for the first stage of the research process. This channel contains documents that staff must complete.

When ready to pass onto the next stage of the process, the solution checks to makes sure all necessary documentation has been completed. Another channel within the Teams space is then automatically provisioned, this process repeating for each stage. Within Teams staff use discussion threads to record comments and ask questions.

Keeping on top of the process and the pipeline

Using Power BI, new attractive reporting capabilities means managers can get an overview of the entire opportunity pipeline and easily set up new reports going forward.

A fully time-stamped audit trail of changes made to each page, as well as confirmation prompts for staff at each stage, helps drive accuracy, accountability and compliance with the process.

Staff are also able to de-activate an opportunity, with automatic archiving of the space and related documents, or mark those opportunities which need to be monitored.

A core part of the digital workplace

The new system is already a critical and popular application within Xcapital’s digital workplace. Staff can assess target acquisitions far more efficiently and in the right way. Management can monitor the entire opportunity pipeline, not only helping Xcapital but also the ambitious businesses the company invests in.

Award winning SharePoint and Office 365 intranet case study

How we transformed MME's business process with SharePoint and Office 365

MME asked us to help them make better use of their new Office 365 setup and replace their aging property management system

Many people aren't aware that SharePoint can be much more than just an intranet or document management system (DMS). It's a large toolkit that can be adapted to solve many business problems and drive fundamental business processes.

We have recently been working with a company called Moving Made Easy (MME). They help house builders to sell their properties, by assisting their customers with the sale of their existing homes.

Their business value is provided through the process of selling properties. Any efficiencies that can be introduced into this process immediately affect their bottom line, and also the value to their customers.

MME asked us to help them make better use of their new Office 365 setup and replace their aging property management system.

Although, we spend a lot of time delivering Wizdom intranets these days, we also relish any opportunity to build custom business portals and applications on SharePoint. So, it's fair to say that we bit their hand off.

We're also really proud that this project won MME an award at the 2018 Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards.

Replicate then innovate

Given how critical their current property management system was to their business, the first thing that we had to do was make sure that everything the current system did was understood and, at the very least, replicated in the new system.

To do this we ran a discovery process that involved understanding both the logical processes as well as the technical detail of their existing database and datasets.

Future proof

We often get asked to make things "Future proof". In practice it's difficult to anticipate business changes coming down the line. However, there are a few things you can do to mitigate the risks here:

  1. Build on a platform that is being continually updated and is evolving
  2. Build on a platform that has a large community of developers who can work with it
  3. Avoid too much customisation – stick to configuring the existing features where ever possible

With these considerations in mind, we developed their new deal management system on SharePoint Online.

SharePoint handles the user profiles and permissions, as well as the document and data storage. We built a custom interface for the account managers to keep track of all their property deals – leveraging SharePoint search for property lookups etc.

SharePoint search provides an efficient way to interrogate a large set of data (deals or customers etc.)

Productivity revolution

The improved interface and automated features (including integration with the Land Registry database) mean a huge uplift in the productivity of the MME account managers. The new system saves them so much time that they can handle three times the number of deals that they could when using the old system.

As well as Land Registry data, the system also integrates with Google Maps and Street View and fetches information about the property automatically

Dashboards and reports

In addition to the core system, we have also used Power BI to provide management and customers with a real time view of important data including the number of close deals in the week and contact reports showing the details of all property valuations and viewings.

The dashboard allows account managers to quickly access their latest and favourited deals and records

Constantly evolving

Rather than just standing still, we are now working with our customer to continually evolve and add to the capabilities of the system as part of an ongoing contract. This allows us to constantly refine the system and ensure that it delivers more and more value to the business.

All property valuations are stored in the system and the sales process that follows is fully modelled

Pharmaceutical SharePoint intranet case study

Boehringer Ingelheim

Defining a future intranet vision and providing SharePoint design and technical consultancy

Moving a global intranet to Office 365

Boehringer Ingelheim (BI) is a global pharmaceutical company with approximately 50,000 employees spread across nearly 150 countries. The company is headquartered in Germany.

MyBI, the company’s global intranet, was based on SharePoint on-premise. With a global Office 365 programme under way, stakeholders in Internal Communications and HR wished to move MyBI to SharePoint Online, taking the opportunity to improve and evolve the intranet so it is more engaging for employees and future-ready for Office 365.

A compelling new vision for the intranet

Content Formula was engaged to undertake research and craft a compelling vision of the future intranet that would strongly resonate with employees and stakeholders. We were also asked to provide design and technical support to help execute the first iteration of the new MyBI.

We undertook a detailed discovery exercise based on our well-established research methodology, carrying out multiple interviews and workshops. We crunched the data, analysed our findings, and then played back our suggestion for a bold new vision to stakeholders.

A virtual assistant for the digital workplace

BI loved our suggestion that MyBI be positioned as a “virtual assistant” to help employees understand and navigate the company’s new Office 365-powered digital workplace. They also agreed that the MyBI of the future needed to be more personal, helpful and intelligent.

MyBI needed to be more mobile-friendly too, and the new vision was supported by feature and design suggestions, and potential future scenarios such as augmented reality.

Undertaking expert design and technical consultancy

With everybody on board with the new vision, the first stage of MyBI’s transformation was given the green light. We undertook design and front-end experience work, developing mock-ups and iterating designs. We also collaborated with the company’s IT function in Germany, giving them technical advice and suggestions.

A personalised toolbar that employees love

A new persistent, personalised intranet toolbar helps employees navigate the digital workplace. A personalised “My Tools” menu is an essential “speed dial” to different apps and Office 365 tools. Defaults are set for each location and business unit, with an intuitive interface allowing employees to add their own apps.

The toolbar also features access to personal Teams spaces and a settings panel where employees can change their personalisation settings, choose world clocks to display on the homepage and even indicate preferences for how to watch videos.

A mobile-ready modern intranet

The BI homepage is now more visually appealing with a modern, responsive UI. Global, regional and local stories news items are presented together in attractive tiles and employees can choose to display more news items.

Improved design for other homepage areas such as internal promotions and a social feed makes the intranet more attractive and contemporary.

A new mega-menu has been introduced to help employees find content, reflecting suggestions for improvements to the site navigation emerging from our research.

An impressive new intranet that provides clarity and control

Initial feedback about the new intranet has been extremely positive. Stakeholders have a clear vision for how MyBI aligns with the evolution of Office 365, future-proofing the intranet for the digital workplace of tomorrow.

Employees are impressed with the new mobile-friendly design and love the new personalised toolbar that links to essential apps and sites, saving time and putting them in control.

Case study – governance for global SharePoint Online intranet

Johnson Matthey

Defining a robust governance framework for Office 365 and a global SharePoint Online intranet

Johnson Matthey is a sustainable technologies company with 13,000 employees operating out of 30 countries. As part of a wider project to deliver an ambitious new SharePoint Online global intranet,as well as launch Yammer and Office 365, we implemented a governance framework.

A sustainable platform

The governance framework was designed to ensure a truly sustainable platform, drive healthy levels of adoption and underpin great content.

We worked closely with stakeholders from both IT and Communications to help define the policies, processes and roles that would help the intranet to run smoothly, reduce risk and ensure strategic alignment, while also drive use of Office 365.

One source of truth for governance

We carefully documented an information governance plan to act as one source of truth for business site owners round the world, providing a holistic view of their responsibilities as well as rules around usage and access.This comprehensive overview also described essential details such as identifying different intranet stakeholder groups and content retention policies, and the critical milestones that needed to be followed.

Owning the framework

To ensure the framework was embedded throughout Johnson Matthey we recommended that the governance plan be owned an advisory group made up of functional stakeholders such as IT, HR and Legal. Additionally, we suggested a strategic development group set the roadmap for future development.

Clarity for site owners

The framework has provided owners across collaboration, project and publishing sites with clarity on their responsibilities and areas of accountability, establishing a sustainable, decentralised ownership model for the digital workplace.

Comprehensive support

Support models and channels have also been established to help site owners carry out their duties as well as drive Office 365 adoption. These include Yammer groups for site owners and end users to ask questions, as well as a Centre of Excellence for Office 365 and SharePoint support analysts.

We also created a Help Centre available through the intranet, My JM, that acts as a one stop shop to request sites, find learning resources, make suggestions and get up to date information on Office 365 projects. Employees can also access a library of how-to videos covering various different aspects of the intranet and Office 365.

Enabling a successful launch

With the governance plan in place and support mechanisms fully operational, it meant that the Office 365 and intranet teams could go ahead with their ambitious launch plans.

Governance that underpins the digital workplace

Although there were some challenges around change management and the governance plan took longer than expected to fully implement, MyJM and Office 365 are now an everyday part of working life at Johnson Matthey.

Site owners have the confidence and training to be fully responsible for their own areas of the digital workplace, while the polices and processes are in place to help staff from around the world successfully communicate, collaborate and stay informed.

Digital employee experience transformation case study

Legal & General

Detailed user research and technical discovery to transform the digital employee experience

Evolving the digital employee experience

Legal & General is a multinational financial services company offering insurance, asset management and other services. With a strong heritage and brand, the company has invested to dramatically improve the customer experience across it’s various digital touchpoints.

Legal & General now wants to take the same approach to create a powerful and personalised digital employee experience across the UK business that will help staff achieve goals and feel part of one company.

Currently employees have different digital experiences depending on which part of Legal & General they are based in; multiple versions of Office 365 are deployed, and digital workplace maturity varies. The team are considering numerous improvements, including investing in a new group-level Wizdom intranet. There are also opportunities to identify cost savings and drive efficiencies.

Identifying the opportunities and the challenges

In order to develop a strategy and roadmap to transform the digital employee experience, Legal & General engaged Content Formula to undertake a detailed research and discovery project to gain a thorough understanding of the needs of users, and identify the opportunities and barriers presented by the complex technical landscape.

Carrying out detailed workshops and interviews

Working closely with the Head of HR and the Head of Group Digital, we sought to understand how different user groups worked across the organisation, what their pain points were and what their vision for a compelling digital employee experience might look like.

We carried out six workshops across the country, featuring a cross-section of employees from customer-facing roles through to content owners using the intranet. We also undertook a series of detailed user interviews.

Interviewing stakeholders and legacy intranet review

Senior stakeholders were also interviewed and contributed to the workshops, making sure we were aligned to the strategic objectives of Legal & General’s management.

Additionally, we carried out a heuristic review of the current intranet and legacy CMS, as well as absorb previous research carried out by the digital workplace team.

the technical landscape

We undertook a detailed technical discovery exercise, reviewing where each entity was on its own digital workplace journey, and the relative state of maturity. We considered factors such as levels of adoption as well as critical elements such as security and privacy concerns.

A detailed report with strategy, roadmap and recommendations

We produced a final report with findings and recommendations for a digital workplace strategy. This included a high-level roadmap and recommended approach, identifying three phases starting with focusing on the foundations needed to truly deliver the best digital workplace possible.

We also identified specific opportunities and challenges, including use cases for Office 365, areas for customisation, how to advance collaboration and detailed recommendations for deploying the new group Wizdom intranet.

A firm understanding for the future

Our findings have already been very well-received. Legal & General now has a deep understanding and detailed recommendations for the next stage of their digital workplace journey and are actively planning the programme of work that will transform the company’s digital employee experience.

Intranet for frontline employees

Severn Trent

A LiveTiles intranet and a custom mobile app to bring communications to employees out in the field

Delivering communications to workers out in the field

Severn Trent plc is a water services company listed on the London Stock Exchange. It employs over 15,000 people, many of whom work out in the field. The company wanted to deliver effective internal communications to its entire workforce by creating a modern, attractive intranet.

Unlike the previous solution, the intranet had to be available to field employees who work everywhere from busy city streets to remote reservoirs.

A modern intranet and app

Severn Trent engaged Content Formula to implement a LiveTiles (formerly known as Wizdom) intranet and accompanying mobile app.

To define requirements, we interviewed stakeholders and employees to gain an in-depth understanding of work and communication needs. We then worked in close partnership with the Severn Trent team to deliver the new intranet and app.

Introducing 'On Tap'

On Tap is a modern intranet that streamlines effective internal communication and knowledge sharing throughout the company. Thanks to LiveTiles's easy to use interfaces and ability to aggregate updates from different intranet areas, Severn Trent has introduced an effective distributed publishing model for the very first time. Local teams can publish updates and key operational content.

A branded, attractive mobile app with native features

All employees can access the On Tap mobile app on their corporate-issued iOS devices. A small modification to the LiveTiles app means it can be accessed via Severn Trent’s corporate app store, through a custom "On Tap" icon.

The app provides a stream of corporate news that is either distributed to all staff or specific to the two main divisions within the company. The stream can include critical emergency and operational updates, for example when there is a crisis situation.

The app also takes advantage of native functionality in order to deliver push notifications for urgent alerts and key strategic communications that appear even when a screen is locked.

Accessing relevant news and finding colleagues

Employees access targeted news based on grade and location, and topics of interest via a subscription facility. Each employee can add comments and likes; “trending” items based on interactions are highlighted.

Employees also access the employee directory that includes rich profiles; a convenient type-ahead search helps locate the right person.

A fully secure solution

Severn Trent operates in a tightly regulated industry where high security around access to the water supply is critical.

The LiveTiles intranet and app fully meet Severn Trent’s stringent security requirements, but without compromising on employee experience. Because the app is installed and protected through the AirWatch Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution, IT retains full control and the intranet remains behind the firewall.

Effective mobile communication for all employees

It’s still early days for "On Tap" but for the very first time all Severn Trent employees can access internal communications, critical alerts, colleague details and more from whenever they are.

At last the entire workforce is fully connected, using a critical and vibrant platform that drives a better employee experience and helps deliver essential services to customers.

SharePoint Modern mobile intranet example – TTEC


A mobile-friendly LiveTiles intranet for a remote workforce, navigating data privacy challenges

TTEC is a global provider of customer experience services, providing solutions focused on strategy, technology, training and outsourced customer support to a large client base. Headquartered in the US, the company has a workforce of 50,000 employees, many of whom work on client premises or at home, making communication and collaboration while safeguarding client information one of the top priorities.

With a strong commitment to employee training and engagement, TTEC asked Content Formula to deliver a modern Office 365-friendly intranet that would deliver compelling, targeted digital communications to a diverse workforce. It was critical that the new intranet navigated considerable challenges around reaching employees who work off-site while meeting strict data privacy guidelines.

Working in partnership

To completely understand how TTEC employees work and get a full picture of stakeholder priorities, we ran several on-site workshops at TTEC’s campus HQ and conducted remote interviews.

We documented our findings and recommendations in a Discovery Report. Working in close partnership with TTEC, we worked collaboratively with stakeholders and users to introduce the new intranet.

A modern SharePoint Online intranet

TTEC already had Office 365 installed and wanted to simplify their technology portfolio, so we delivered a brand-new SharePoint Online intranet based on the LiveTiles (formerly known as Wizdom) intranet in-a-box product. We only utilised modern web parts to get the very best experience possible.

The new intranet features a seamless combination of local and global news and content, while also providing access to LiveTiles Workspaces for collaboration and community discussions. The Power Panel feature ensures employees can access alerts, relevant links and manage channel subscriptions from any page.

Navigating data privacy concerns

Because many employees handle sensitive information such as customer credit card numbers, the new intranet has to include strict safeguards to protect customer data. We introduced a number of measures to meet these commitments without compromising the user experience.

A sensitive content scanner identifies if any potential client data may have been added to the intranet, while IP-based restrictions on posting ensure data cannot be added from client contact centres. Located shared terminals allow for relevant local information to be shared and accessed only within the contact centre itself.

Mobile access for all employees

Because of the high number of employees working off-site, the solution is fully accessible via a mobile app available from both corporate and employee-owned devices. The app means all employees are connected and preserves the excellent user experience of the intranet.

Highly targeted communications

Prior to the new intranet, sending relevant communications and alerts to different groups based on attributes such as location was email-based and highly inefficient. Using LiveTiles’s powerful Noticeboard feature, the internal communications function can now confidently target the right messages to the right groups. Items appear on the homepage or as push notifications via the mobile app. Employees can also subscribe to channels of interest.

Future developments will make it easier to quickly target urgent alerts to highly granular groups and allow priority messages to appear as a pop-up message on Windows 10 desktops.

Migration from Jive

Before moving to a Office 365 based platform, TTEC were using Jive for community spaces and as a document management solution. As part of the digital transformation, we worked with the team to understand the content that was living on Jive and created templates to make it as easy as possible for content owners to manually migrate content.

It was also a great opportunity for content owners to clean up their content remove anything that was no longer relevant. The templates, along with Office 365 training gave content owners all of the tools they needed to efficiently migrate their content.

The TTEC Jive migration has proved very successful. There was less push back from site owners than might be expected and employees are starting to use the team sites that are fully embedded within the SharePoint Online intranet environment. You can read our top tips for performing a successful migration here.

An intranet that meets TTEC’s unique needs

The new intranet is already making an impact, giving all employees access to relevant content regardless of where they work, while meeting TTEC’s strict commitments to safeguarding customer information.

The company are also planning a series of additional improvements to the intranet, including introducing the Hyperfish tool to drive improvements in people data, which in turn will lead to more granular content targeting.

Nintex SharePoint workflow example

Using Nintex forms and workflow to improve key digital workplace processes

Dynamic user interfaces and complex workflow bring tangible process improvement

Johnson Matthey is a sustainable technologies company with approximately 15,000 employees spread across 30 locations around the world. Successful collaboration and streamlined processes are essential to delivering the company’s cutting-edge products and services.

We had already helped the team at Johnson Matthey introduce a highly successful digital workplace based on Office 365 with a compelling SharePoint Online intranet. With a now mature digital workplace, the team was ready to focus the next phase of its evolution on driving efficiency , increasing productivity and minimising risk.

Streamlining processes using Nintex

The company had already identified significant opportunities to improve processes through the use of digital forms and workflow, moving away from an over-reliance on email. The team were also seeking to leverage an existing investment in Nintex, a leading workflow and process improvement product.

Johnson Matthey engaged Content Formula to help the IT function use Nintex to streamline key processes. Recognising our established Nintex expertise (we are formally certified Nintex Process Automation Experts in Office 365), as well as our deep SharePoint experience, we agreed a key process to improve. This would also establish a methodology for future process improvement.

Focusing on supplier due diligence

The Johnson Matthey digital workplace team chose to focus on the multi-stepped, complex process associated with global supplier due diligence. This assesses risks around new supplier relationships, but the existing system of screening was over-reliant on email, highly inefficient, prone to error and lacked transparency.

Working closely with the IT function, we helped agree requirements through a discovery exercise which carefully mapped the detail of the due diligence process.

Building the form and workflow

We then used Nintex Form Designer and Workflow Designer to create a form with flexible fields and workflow that streamlines all the steps in the process, driving efficiency while also maintaining the inherent complexity required for robust due diligence for a global enterprise.

A dynamic user interface

The form includes a dynamic user interface based on clearly defined inputs and rules. Depending on different values such as the home country of the supplier and the nature of the relationship, the form encourages employees to enter only the information required. Workflow then ensures the range of approvals required are carried out; these involve various functional stakeholders including procurement, finance, legal and HR.

The form is also integrated with SharePoint Online so that it can be conveniently accessed through Johnson Matthey’s intranet.

A roadmap for digital improvement

Using the Nintex form, users from right across the globe are able to go to just one place to submit supplier details and receive a quick, robust and centralised assessment of new suppliers. This helps to onboard new suppliers more quickly but also minimises risk to Johnson Matthey through a comprehensive, standardised process.

We are now actively partnering with the IT function to methodologically identify other processes that are ready to streamline. We have already delivered two more forms, with more to follow in a rolling programme of digital workplace improvement.

Tangible process improvement

The IT function are satisfied that they are leveraging both their investment in Office 365 and Nintex to make a tangible positive impact, and excited about future improvements that will be made. Meanwhile users and stakeholders are very happy to find significant improvements to key processes that help them get things done.

Livetiles Intranet powers employee experience at L&G

Legal & General

Launching a global LiveTiles intranet to deliver a strong digital employee experience

Legal & General is a multinational financial services company offering insurance, asset management and other services. With a strong heritage and brand, the company has a complex structure and a diverse workforce.

Employees: 9,000
Sector: Financial services
Location: UK / global

The challenge

With the enhanced opportunities to communicate and collaborate through the roll-out of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams, the old Legal & General intranet felt increasingly out of step with the new digital workplace. It’s outdated and inconsistent interfaces were sometimes confusing, and content was not always up to date.

Employees wanted a single place to go to be able to access the wider digital workplace, not only the new 365 tools but also non-Microsoft systems like SuccessFactors.

When Content Formula carried out user research to help support Legal & General’s digital workplace journey, one of the recommendations was to launch a new intranet. Content Formula was re-engaged to support the implementation of a new LiveTiles (formerly known as Wizdom) intranet.

Content Formula worked in partnership with an engaged project team, helping with various aspects of the implementation, including working with other third parties in the design phase, advising on technical aspects, training site owners, running a stakeholders workshop and even offering content and editorial support.

Our approach

The Hub provides everything you might expect from a modern intranet, but has also created the front door to a unified digital employee experience; the new intranet is the focal point for communication, collaboration, policy and process, enterprise social capabilities and learning.

A rich seam of essential information supports daily operations and communications, with up to date sections about every division and location across Legal and General.

Users can also search through the “How Do I” library, a popular LiveTiles intranet feature that details key processes and tasks; Content Formula also carried out some light customisation at the customer’s request to make How Do I content even more findable.

A highly intuitive information architecture and cutting-edge search also allows employees to find what they need quickly and efficiently, including access to a central catalogue of apps in use right across the business.

Content Formula also carried out some specific enhancement requests, adding some specific workflow to let Legal & General’s HR function know about changes to part of an employee’s profile, and delivering some tweaks to the interface for the A to Z listing web part.

The result

The Hub launched in early 2020 and the digital workplace team are already very happy with the results. The new intranet has been well received by employees with highly positive feedback received.

Individual site owners are empowered to manage their own content, underpinned by the strong governance built into the LiveTiles platform. User adoption levels are strong with How Do I’s, policies and individual workplaces already proving particularly useful.

At last employees can also access the new intranet on mobile devices, leveraging Legal & General’s forward-thinking BYOD polices. The Hub also providing a single-entry point into the wider digital workplace, for example through an innovative dashboard accessible via the Power Panel, a toolbar that follows employees through the intranet.

The intranet has already proved its value, providing a vital communication channel along with Microsoft Teams to support employees working remotely through the current COVID-19 crisis.

The digital workplace team are excited about the future, and already working on improvements, for example moving to an enhanced homepage design and implementing LiveTiles for Teams so that the Hub can be accessed by one click from each Microsoft Teams space.

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