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What are the big intranet trends?

Sometimes customers ask simple but great questions: “What are the big intranet trends I need to be aware of as I consider rebuilding our corporate intranet?. As intranet practitioners its very easy to become immersed in detail and forget the bigger picture. This question made me think.

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Intranet best practice: Five dimensions of a great intranet

Not the tech, nor the features. A great intranet doesnt just develop after launch; its planned in advance. Organisations with successful intranets tend to understand the key principles of delivering a great intranet experience. Follow the principles whether youre launching, replacing, or improving your intranet.

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SharePoint migration paths

Most people are eager to update to the latest version of their favourite app, but its just not possible to press an update button with SharePoint. The wise intranet manager will have a certain amount of trepidation as they embark along the SharePoint migration path.

You might be most concerned with making sure site collections (Team Sites, My Sites) get upgraded to SharePoint 2013 smoothly; find out what to watch out for as you hit the metaphorical update button.

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