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New mobile app from Wizdom

Wizdom, Gartner Cool Vendor and top-rated intranet solution provider built on SharePoint and Office 365, is proud to announce the launch of the companys new Mobile app for Wizdom. The app is included in the Wizdom product license and can be implemented after updating to the latest Wizdom version
With the ever-present need to be mobile and access essential company information and workflows on-the-go, the new Wizdom Mobile app enables companies to take their intranet one step further to make it available to users as an app on their mobile phones and tablets, making the intranet more accessible than ever.

With the new Wizdom Mobile app companies get the most used intranet features right out of the box. For example, Quick Access enable users to swiftly access tabs with essential intranet functionalities like corporate news, focus content, noticeboard messages including Social Functions, resources, links and more.

People Directory offers users to look up contacts with only a few clicks in the app while the Custom Design features allow companies to setup the app with pre-designed themes or create a custom theme with colors and fonts that completely aligns with company branding.
Lastly companies can fully tailor the mobile experience for their users via Wizdom Configuration Center where admins can define and setup the content of each tab in the app to ensure a targeted and engaging intranet on mobile.

Within Wizdom, the launch of the Mobile app has been eagerly awaited. Were extremely happy to bring our Wizdom customers this feature-rich Mobile app as part of their product license. Our developers have worked hard to implement all our knowledge and valuable feedback from our many customers and turned it all into our first Mobile app. Customers who have had a sneak peek are already embracing this tool and we are sure many more will follow and extend the reach of their digital workplace says John Wainer, CEO at Wizdom.

Wizdom mobile app is IOS and Android compatible and works with SharePoint 2013, 2016 and Office 365. Please contact us for more information on how to get started

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