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At Content Formula we work extensively with clients who have Microsoft 365, delivering intranets that are based on Microsoft and Office 365 technologies, and leverage its many features. These intranets both improve processes but also help employees to take advantage of the extensive Microsoft/Office 365 suite, increasing adoption and value.  Through our work we’ve built up a strong library of Microsoft 365 intranet examples that illustrate some the key good practices and approaches to consider when implementing an Office 365 intranet.

Clients frequently ask us for compelling Microsoft 365 intranet examples and to see screenshots. Here are five of our favourite examples with the relative key takeaway. You can also see some of our best SharePoint intranet examples too in a companion article.

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1. Entain – a modern digital workplace hub in Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams

Entain's Microsoft 365 intranet homepage
Entain’s Microsoft 365 intranet homepage

Entain needed a hub for their digital workplace serving 25,000 employees worldwide – including 15,000 retail workers. We designed and built a modern intranet that could be accessed from any device.

With the widespread adoption of Microsoft Teams across the business in the last year, we capitalised on this by delivering the intranet to people within the Teams app – also on mobile as well as the desktop app.

Entain Microsoft 365 intranet in Microsoft Teams including mobile
Entain’s Microsoft 365 intranet in Microsoft Teams including mobile

Delivering intranet content and features in Microsoft Teams means that the experience is more naturally integrated with the work day of the each employee. This has also provided us with an opportunity to connect with other systems – including Service Now and Oracle HR. The overall digital employee experience is vastly simplified versus the old, rather fragmented, approach.

2. Baringa – a global Microsoft 365 intranet that aligns to the wider digital workplace

The digital workplace has had a significant influence on the evolution of intranets; modern intranets are ideally placed to be an attractive entry point (front door or launchpad) into the wider portfolio of applications across the digital workplace. An intranet strategy should therefore address the intranets relationship with the digital workplace.

When we were asked by global consulting firm Baringa to undertake user and stakeholder research and craft a new intranet strategy, it soon became clear that the intranet had a critical role to play in the company’s digital workplace and Microsoft 365 journey. The communications team were keen for the intranet to help all employees, across the globe, to understand and navigate the company’s Microsoft 365-powered digital workplace.

We also advised on design and technical matters, including a personalised welcome bar and app launcher (provided by our Lightspeed365 webparts) as well as a people search tool that allows you to search for consultants based on their experience and skills. The new improved intranet is now ideally placed at the centre of the Baringa digital workplace, helping employees navigate the new array of tools at their fingertips.

View Baringa case study >>


3. Xcapital – an Microsoft 365 intranet that delivers critical business process

Xcapital Office 365 intranet that delivers critical business process

Microsoft 365 brings many opportunities to improve critical business processes using the variety of different tools available, sometimes in combination with each other. An intranet based on SharePoint Online that can integrate with Microsoft 365 tools such as Teams can also play its part. This means that the intranet can help to deliver an important business process;  driving efficiency, increasing the value and adoption of the intranet and leveraging your investment in Microsoft 365 all at once!

XCapital is  a UK-based private equity house that provides funding options for ambitious businesses. A core activity for the company is a research and due diligence process that identifies and assesses new businesses to invest in.  In order to streamline and standardise a process that was primarily carried out by email and was highly inefficient, we were asked to create a digital workplace application that would automate the eight steps of the process and ensure staff follow correct procedures.

We used Microsoft Teams to create a place for templates, information and documents relating to each step, with automation ensuring each stage has been completed. The intranet also plays a key role. A custom SharePoint Online page displays key data about each target acquisition, including the stage at which the opportunity is at, and provides access to the relevant Teams space. This seamlessly integrates the due diligence process into the intranet, with users viewing key information and feeling they are accessing one system.

View Xcapital case study >>


4. ?WhatIf! – an Microsoft 365 intranet that enables Knowledge Management

Office 365 intranet that enables Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management (KM) has been around for nearly twenty years but many organisations still have not quite nailed down a successful way to find, capture and re-use valuable knowledge that is generated through everyday work, collaboration and projects. Intranets are often a part of the solution, and regarded as a key channel in knowledge-sharing.

?What If! helps organisations to innovate new products, services and ways to operate. The team engaged us to deliver a new modern intranet that would integrate with Microsoft 365, but they also wanted to solve the conundrum of how to manage the knowledge that emerges from projects. With Microsoft Teams being used for project collaboration, we built a compelling new intranet based on Livetiles intranet-in-a-box that also incorporated a simple but highly effective KM solution. In a special folder in Microsoft Teams, project teams can add valuable knowledge documents that can still be accessed once a Teams space has been archived.

On the intranet each project has its own page; these are automatically created with key data and have all the valuable knowledge documents accessible, all tagged with the correct project metadata. A custom search also helps employees find project files based on different criteria, increasing knowledge flow and exploiting the link between a SharePoint Online intranet and Microsoft Teams.

View ?WhatIf! case study >>

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5. Global consulting firm – a Microsoft 365 intranet with sophisticated knowledge management features including AI recommendations and search

Microsoft 365 provides organisations with a flexible and ever-expanding get of tools and services that help build up digital workplaces over time, for example increasing collaboration or using workflow to digitise simple processes. A SharePoint Online intranet that sits alongside Microsoft 365 can also take a similar approach, using the easy ability to integrate with Microsoft 365 tools and other elements of the Microsoft stack to keep on extending the power of the intranet.

At global consulting firm we had already deployed a Microsoft 365-based intranet that was full of useful features, but we continued to add new functionality. One of these was the introduction of a Knowledge Management platform which leverages Microsoft Search and Microsoft Cognitive Services (including Open AI). The ‘Solutions Centre’, as it is known, can be used by consulting staff to find company knowledge and IP and avoid recreating information, making them much more efficient.

Further extending the intranet capabilities, we also deployed AI services to provide a content recommendations engine which delivers highly personalised experiences, as well as AI assisted redaction and tagging as part of the knowledge upload process which greatly increases the speed with which the latest and best information is made available on the platform.

View global consulting firm case study >>


6. Moving Made Easy – an Microsoft 365 intranet that powers core operational processes

Office 365 intranet that powers core operational processes - example

Sometimes your Microsoft 365 intranet can actually be your digital workplace, with the ability to carry out all your core processes and activities without entering another system. This can be the case where you have unique needs to meet and where a customised intranet and digital workplace completely configured around the way you work makes sense. Although this approach will not be applicable to all companies, it can deliver significant efficiencies and support digital transformation.

Moving Made Easy help house builders sell their homes by assisting customers with the sale of their existing homes. We helped them replace their ageing property management system with a new highly efficient intranet and digital workplace based on Microsoft 365 where employees can carry out all the major activities associated with selling a house. Taking an end-to-end approach for the process for each individual sale,  integration with external systems and automation has helped to increase productivity.  Dashboards and reporting through Power BI has also given management a powerful overview of data, and even created different views for customers to check the status of their sale. We’ve also continued to work with the client to expand and improve the digital workplace, providing a system which has had a major impact on the daily work.

View Moving Made Easy case study >>

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Case studies and screenshots can provide a good reference point for what is possible with a modern intranet on Microsoft 365, as well as revealing good practices and impactful approaches. If you need other examples of great intranets why not check out our full list of case studies.  Alternatively you can also get in touch.


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