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Some companies prefer to build an intranet with only out of the box SharePoint features. This helps keep costs down and reduces the risk that custom functionalities might break. There are some trade-offs and limitations but today with the latest developments in SharePoint Modern it is possible to build a good quality intranet without having to resort to an intranet product like LiveTiles (formerly known as Wizdom). Our out of the box SharePoint intranet service aims to use only the base functionalities of SharePoint and Office 365. It is a flexible but packaged service.

News with approval workflow

We'll set up a news section on your homepage as well as a news search and archive page. News editors will be able to approve news articles submitted by employees before they go live.

Enterprise social feed

We'll integrate your intranet with Yammer - giving employees their latest updates directly on the homepage. Everything will work well on mobile too.

Events feed

You'll be able to put all your events in a central calendar and display them on the intranet. Employees can search for and filter events of differing types.

Department pages

Each department will have a 'shop-window' page, where they can direct employees to their key information and people.

Document library for policies and procedures

We'll set up a policy and procedures library - where you can be sure that employees have quick and easy access to key compliance and process guidance.

'Our company' pages

We'll create glamorous pages that inform employees about the organisation's vision, strategy and values.

We combine our best-practice knowledge with SharePoint Modern’s state-of-the-art content management platform and intuitive interface - Giving you a professional corporate intranet in a short time-frame and at low cost.


We have an experienced team of specialists and an established process for building your intranet. This process includes the following phases:

Requirements gathring

We'll support you in gathering intranet requirements from stakeholders and users by following our finely tuned discovery methodology.

Information architecture planning

Our User Experience team will help you to plan the structure of information on your intranet.

Content planning

Our consultants will help you to plan your content - including both new and existing content that must be migrated.

Best practice configuration

SharePoint modern and Office 365 have lots of capabilities and our technical team will help you get the most out of them.


Your intranet administrators and content owners will be fully trained on how to use the intranet by our consultants.

Support (optional)

We are happy to provide ongoing support for your intranet. Let us know if you are interested in our support services.

Product options

Requirements workshop  
Information Architecture planning  
Content planning    
Configuration and setup
Requirements workshop
Policy library
Department pages
Out Company pages
Quick links
Launch support  
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Upgrade packs

Looking for more? We have lots of options available to upgrade our service. If any of the below look interesting, then please mention them in your enquiry.

Launch support
Governance framework
Adoption package
Intranet manager coaching
Training library
World clocks
Ongoing support
Simplify Policy Management
Promotional materials
AI Assistant (Bot)
Collaboration sites
Knowlege base
MS Teams toolkit
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