Intranets and features of social networking: friend request pending

On one of our intranets, we developed custom functionality to enable employees to rate feature articles. The client stipulated that ratings should appear itemised beside the article with each employees name.

However, there was the possibility that this would discourage members of the organisation from providing feedback, given news of soaring unemployment all over the world due to cutbacks.

The fear that all employees engagement is visible across the internal network potentially leads an employee to ask themselves will my manager scrutinise my level of participation in my next appraisal?

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7 Tips for Writing Great Email Subject Lines

We send out a lot of newsletters for clients, as well as our own newsletter. There’s a lot to think about for each one how many articles, what images to use, what’s on the banner but the most important part of every newsletter is literally one of the smallest.

The headline.

Think of it this way: if you’re anything like me, you receive a lot of emails on any given day. You prioritise a lot of them by looking at the sender, and then you go through the rest in some kind of order. Anything that looks unimportant or dull goes straight to the recycle bin, because you simply don’t have the time for it. Most newsletters fall into this trap.

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